Atis Chef de file canadien des portes et fenêtres

ATIS is one of the leading window and door manufacturers, distributors and retailers in Canada.

For over 70 years, we have dedicated our talent to developing, manufacturing, distributing and installing doors and windows adapted to every budget and featuring high energy performance on the technology cutting edge. At ATIS, we believe that the doors and windows purchasing process can be simple and user-friendly – this is why we offer our customers complete support, from design to installation.

We thus wish to convey our passion through advice, tools and histories that will allow you to make the right choice in doors and windows.

Choosing ATIS means opting for efficiency in full collaboration.

fabrication de fenêtre en PVC


We aspire to transform the industry by simplifying the doors and windows purchasing process. Ultimately, we aim to become Canada’s biggest doors and windows sales and installation network.


ATIS offers the widest selection of doors and windows in Canada, adapted to your budget and allowing you to optimize your home’s energy efficiency and increase its value.


To do this, we rethink the doors and windows purchasing experience to make it more useful, adapted and comfortable with the support of our consultants, who guide you through every stage of the process.



We are a breath of fresh air in a complex industry. We are doors and windows experts, but we keep things simple to make your experience run smoothly and help you understand our business better.


We add references and human support to your experience. We opt for a relationship consulting approach to guide you and give you confidence at every stage of the process.


We have been creating doors and windows for over 70 years. Our knowhow-based culture guides us in developing quality products and experiences.


We believe that good design is an opportunity to really improve our customers’ everyday lives. Our products have aesthetic quality, but are primarily created to be useful, adapted and comfortable.


Like to choose. Feel supported as well as inspired. Be open to everyone. Welcome to reconceived doors and windows environment. Transformed. Optimized. Because the experience too often is complex and intimidating, we are going into streamlined mode.


Because the experience too often is complex and intimidating, we are going into streamlined mode.

From technical jargon to intuitive functionalities. From bulky product catalogues to a well-considered selection. From a sales philosophy to a support approach.


We are driven by an obsession. To reconfigure the customer experience and make it functionally useful, adapted and comfortable.


For our advice to lead to an accommodating experience. For our passion for the product to lead to a choice perfectly adapted to each interior.


Welcome to ATIS.

Where expertise and aesthetics go hand in hand.

Where support is allied with inspiration.


ATIS. Efficiency in full collaboration

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At ATIS, we care about your health and that of all our employees. To allow you to continue planning your project, we are making available to you, until April 13, a private virtual consultation service with our expert advisers. This service is free and available in the comfort of your home, with no purchase obligation.  

To book a free virtual private consultation with one of our advisers, fill out Consultation Form or call us at 1 888 558-ATIS.

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