ATIS Group is one of the leading windows and doors manufacturers, distributors and retailers in Canada.

Over the past 70 years, we have acquired a solid reputation due to the excellence of our products and service. In 2020, the Group is launching the ATIS banner, bringing together all its stores and the majority of its products under the same name.


We believe the doors and windows purchasing process can be simple, user-friendly and efficient. This approach is applied in all the projects we undertake, whether with individuals, construction contractors or real estate developers. Several recognized corporate buyers have chosen our products for large-scale mandates, including hotels, highrise housing projects and commercial buildings.

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About us

ATIS Group is one of the leading doors and windows manufacturers and distributors in Canada. We aspire to transform the industry by simplifying the doors and windows purchasing process.

Senior management

ATIS Group’s values of simplicity, collaboration, quality and design are proudly put forward day after day in the products and service we offer and through our senior management.

Social and environmental engagement

ATIS Group is involved materially, financially through its people with local organizations dear to its heart.

Research and development

Every year, ATIS Group invests considerably in research and development. Our experts are dedicated to improving our products’ aesthetic and technological features, while working constantly to improve their energy performance and ecological footprint.



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