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Our Glass Technologies

We work with the world-class supplier Cardinal Glass Industries to offer sealed units internationally recognized for their high quality and durability.

Cardinal Glass Industries is in a class by itself for superior quality glass. Responsible for the design and manufacturing of superior quality residential glass, Cardinal also leads the industry in terms of innovation and quality control.

Our sealed units


Specially formulated for cold weather cli-mates, LoE 180 provides the highest level of solar heat gain and visible light during cold days and keeps your heat in during cold nights, reducing your energy costs and increasing your comfort. LoE 180 uses the sun’s energy to heat your home. Comes standard with Neat coating on the outside to keep your glass cleaner longer.



Specially formulated for cold weather climates, LoE 272 provides complete comfort. Formulated with 2 coats of LoE coating for added comfort. Works well in both hot and cold climates and de-livers outstanding performance in both solar heat control and UV protection. Comes standard with Neat coating on the outside to keep your glass cleaner longer.



Three insulating coatings provide year-round performance with the highest degree of solar control possible. In the summer, the special coating on the glass is formulated to block solar heat so you do not have to close your blinds or turn up your air conditioning to make your home more comfortable. In the winter, the low emissivity coating on the glass keeps heat from escaping, reducing thermal discomfort to the lowest level pos-sible, saving you money. Comes standard with Neat coating on the outside to keep your glass cleaner longer.

Even more efficient with the stainless steel spacer.

All types of sealed units in ATIS windows have a spacer specially designed for Canadian climates. This spacer is made from thin stainless steel to reduce peripheral heat transfer while retaining the proven double barrier polyisobutylene / silicone system for maximum durability.


Thanks to their folds in the four corners, which are usually the areas most at risk of leaks, our sealed units have one of the lowest joint failure rates in the industry, less than 0.2% out of 20 years.

1- Polyisobutylene (PIB) Primary Seal
Minimizes moisture permeation, is UV resistant and provides an outstanding Argon barrier.


2- Inorganic Silicone Secondary Seal
Superior resistance to moisture, temperature, and ultraviolet radiation versus organic sealants (polysulfide, hot melt butyl, and polyurethane).


3- Stainless Steel Spacer
The extraordinarily thin 0.0025” corrugated top significantly reduces heat conduction along the top of the spacer, improves performance, and is extremely crush resistant.


4- Desiccant
High adsorption 3A molecular beads provide increased desiccating capacity compared to technology used in other spacers; higher desiccanting capacity equates to longer spacer life.


Self-cleaning glass requires less housekeeping.  It is covered with a fine layer of titanium dioxide, which is activated when it is struck by the sun’s ultraviolet rays.  This triggers a series of chemical reactions that contribute to eliminate dirt encrusted on the glass.


First the organic dirt particles stuck to the panes are cut into smaller pieces.


Glass normally has the property of repelling water.  This means that water tends to combine in large drops that form beads and leave traces as they dry.  Titanium dioxide produces the opposite effect: it lets water spread more uniformly on the glass and slip under the organic debris that has been divided.  Thus, rainwater dislodges and carries away all this dirt.  This is a process that continuously keeps your windows cleaner!

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