Research and development

Every year, ATIS invests considerably in research and development. Our experts are dedicated to improving our products’ aesthetic and technological features, while working constantly to improve their energy performance and ecological footprint.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

The development of high energy performance technologies is a priority for ATIS. Whether in improving our products’ insulating performance or developing an eco-responsible product line, energy efficiency is at the core of our concerns.

Quality control throughout the process

Since its acquisition in 2006, Extrusion SP, a subsidiary specializing in manufacturing PVC window and door extrusions, has enabled ATIS to control its raw material at the source. This quality control allows ATIS to supply its customers with a product line adapted to each province’s climate.

High-performance special glasses

ATIS constantly makes sure to offer a selection of glasses on the technological cutting edge. The most popular products offered by ATIS include self-cleaning, soundproofing and resistant glasses.

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