Social and environmental engagement

At ATIS Group, we care about the environment. We continually optimize our production and work methods to meet the industry’s most specialized requirements.

We make sure to give a new life to the components and materials we use. PVC, aluminium, cardboard or old door panels are either reintroduced into the chain by melting and reinsertion, or recycled according to a controlled and rigorous process.

Choosing ATIS means choosing a solid partner to support the cause of the environment while having the guarantee of doing business with experts.
We are working to form solid partnerships to ensure a positive presence in the community. We also want to promote our employee’s initiatives along these lines, thus encouraging their commitment.

Fondation Charles-Bruneau

Charles Bruneau Foundation

The Charles Bruneau Foundation’s mission is to provide all children suffering from cancer with the best chances of a cure by funding research and supporting the development of projects dedicated to pediatric hematology/oncology.

Through its cycling team, ATIS and its members are actively involved in the Foundation by participating in the Tour CIBC Charles-Bruneau every year.

Habitat for Humanity

Since 2019, ATIS has undertaken to support the cause of Habitat for Humanity by donating new doors and windows. Habitat for Humanity provides assistance to families in need to help them acquire affordable properties

certification FSC

Sustainable development

In 2020, ATIS is making the commitment to reduce its use of paper and the quantity of brochures. We now use FSC-certified paper for printed promotional material whenever possible.

The FSC Recycled label seeks to recognize the important role played by recycling of paper and lumber in the protection of the planet’s forests. Contrary to general statements of “recycled” content, which are not subject to any verification, the FSC Recycled label gives you the assurance that the recycled nature of any wood or paper used in manufacturing a product has been verified and authenticated.

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