PVC: The Economical Choice

Are you someone who needs constant reminders for your many maintenance appointments? PVC could save you from annoying oversights, because it requires no maintenance! It is a real choice of turnkey material that does not allow temperature changes to affect the comfort of your home. PVC windows also offer a variety of design options.

Sliding windows

Aluminum-pvc hybrids: a sustainable and efficient choice

Combine the best of durability and energy efficiency by opting for hybrid aluminum-PVC windows. If you want to add a bit of whimsy to your facade, know that the colour adheres wonderfully to aluminum. A touch of colour and your home will look new!

Fenêtres en aluminium

Aluminum: when strength meets style

The foolproof structure of aluminum allows large windows to withstand the unpredictable weather cocktails that are part of everyday life in Canada. The metallic touch of aluminum blends perfectly with contemporary minimalism or the raw industrial style so much sought after in current constructions.

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